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A Tree's Love

Happy New Year! Best wishes for a wonderful 2009!

A Tree's Love

I am a tree
with majestic branches reaching out towards the stars.
The seasons can not hurt me
In my sweet reticence.

In the park where I dwell
I let the squirrels rest in my bower
They hide away their nuts in the crannies of myself
And I keep all their secrets.

In the springtime when
Young lovers blossoming with the earliest flowers,
etch their words of forever upon my flesh,
I smile and sing primordial songs of immortality.

Deep summer when the peerless blue sky
Brings unspoken promises,
I lend my arms to the schoolchildren
So they may build their castles.

I offer myself to the winds
Swaying with her in an unceasing waltz.
She is always two steps ahead
And sometimes I loose myself to her whims.

I catch the snow with my trembling soul.
When the darkening time comes
My limbs are illuminated
By myriads of colored pearls.

During this flowing time you have grown
your own deep roots and dreams.
But all I can offer you is this shade in the day’s heat
For I have no human words to say: “I love you."
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