ashrayne (ashrayne) wrote in bardsguild,

Dear Sir..

Dear sir,

I hope your day's been very nice
I trust you're doing fine,
I got the presents that you sent
The diamonds, and the wine.

The roses smell so very sweet
The fur coat is so warm
The golden rings are very grand
But they don't match my uniform.

I'm very thankful, to be sure
For all the things you bought
But I'd really rather send them back
I like what I have got.

I'm not a diamond kind of girl
I like daisies, not a rose
The fur coat is too much for me
I don't live where it snows.

The golden rings don't match my skin
I like things made of silver
I'm not old enough to drink the wine
And soda's so much better.

It was kind of you to think of me
And let me see your interest
But I hate incurring debts from men
Just like I hate the dentist.

If you'd like to chat about the the stars
Or lounge in an old t-shirt
Or let me squish my toes in sand
Or take me to a concert,

I'd love to pick up when you call
Perhaps go on a date
But money will not win my heart
I'll never take the bait.

A Girl.
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