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No one knew they were even alive..

His eyes are downcast and his heart's hanging open
He's lost and he's dizzy and terribly broken
His repetitive sway is a miserable motion
But nobody knows he's alive.

Her hair is so brittle and matted with grime
Her t-shirt is ragged and covered with slime
She sucks on its corner for peace at bedtime
But nobody knows she's alive.

Their bellies are swollen from eating the dirt
But the sticky dark mud takes away the dull hurt
Sometimes they grind up a small rock for desert
But nobody knows they're alive.

Their bones are so fragile, their bodies so frail
Even their feces and throw-up is stale
Their chocolate brown skin has turned ashy and pale
But nobody knows they're alive.

Some huddle together, some stagger alone
They whisper their funerals with only a groan
So many dead children that no one has known
No one knew they were even alive.
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